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We want to help you become a software developer.

Mindera Code Academy

Our wish is to help people who want to embrace a life change and begin a career in software development.

We teach the best engineering practices and use the latest technologies.

Our courses help people on their career journey, people looking to learn programming and upskill in coding. Anyone, anywhere can learn coding!

Are you ready to take the next step in your coding journey? Learn coding with Mindera Code Academy.

What your journey will involve.


Mindera culture

You won't just be attending a programming course, you'll be immersed in Mindera's culture.




Our teachers are passionate about software development, and they're excited to share their knowledge.



Real projects

After learning the necessary skills, you’ll be put to the test on real projects to develop your skills to the fullest.




We designed our workshops for you! With a mix of soft an hard skills you need to succeed in the IT world, we cover all bases.



Awesome classrooms

Our classrooms have everything you need to get to work on your programming course so don’t worry about a thing.


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Friendship and good times

You will meet people that will become friends for life. You will support each other and learn from each other.

20220926_Mindera (low res - for web) 029.jpg

Been there, done that.

I entered the course with zero previous experience in IT. But we’ve had very supportive and dedicated teachers that didn’t rest until our doubts were cleared. I owe my progress to them. fit-doodle.png

Elisa talking
Elisa Moutinho

Frontend developer

Joining Mindera Code Academy was a life-changing moment for me! It allowed me to meet wonderful people and experience an amazing working culture. Come to the yellow side! fit-doodle.png

Luís Faria

Backend developer

Being a part of MindSwap, gaining knowledge, and doing an internship within a programming team were crucial in preparing me for real-world situations. And... we have cookies! fit-doodle.png

Carol on the sofa
Carol Ferraz

Frontend developer

It's time for a new adventure. Join us and change your life.